You will think that Taty has lost her mind? nope. Taty is sane. Taty just has some stream of consciousness to get out.

It doesn’t matter really. Is it that big of a deal? No. hurumph

I get three wishes no? How come my last one can’t be granted? oooo so you say it can…just at a later date? and it’ll gain interest? how many wishes do I get? shoulda *banked* all three. Good thing I have more lamps to rub. bah! that’s just wishfull thinking. *snicker*

ok..maybe I’m tired. but I really really am not crazy

*rolling eyes* yah…so that’s really the silliest thing I have heard all day. no kidding. I don’t get it…but whatever.

We wrote a whole entire grant in two hours tonight. It’s a wonder it got done at all with all the “sharing” and stuffed animals. Love that I can be so open with M. When I tell her stuff she doesn’t yawn.  I will have to make the grant sound all high falootin’ in the morning. Hopefully we get that letter of recommendation. Crap…shoulda done this thing before the deadline was less than 24 hours away! oh well…

When you are talking to someone and they yawn when you say something…it sometimes means that they don’t want to hear what you have to say…can’t hear what you have to say or they are sleepy.

I must be getting sleepy enough by now myself? um….I’ll catch up on sleep tomorrow.

Quantity is not the important thing to look out for…it’s quality you should worry about…well dang…why WORRY about IT at all.

WE named my new Dragon(my mom gave me) Lodinum. bwahahahahahaha  He has a Lodinum look on his face. yep.

I have a serious email addiction and cannot stand to leave unread/unanswered stuff in my inbox. Now the SPAM folder is another story. filters? hmmm

ok..I’m done.

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