Guy: I be readin’ that Shakespeare shit, yo! He talkin’ ’bout some “Epoxy dat wench”, and “Wherefore to thou.”

–A train

Overheard by: Manhattman

Thief guy: You can’t touch me. I know my rights. I’m an educated criminal; I’m your worstest nightmare.

–Tower Records Trump Tower, 5th Avenue

Tourist lady: I prefer musicals with singing in them.

–45th & Broadway

Gangsta chick: I’m in love with you and you say you gonna shoot me in the face? What’s up with that?

–116th & 2nd

Man on cell: Hello?…Yeah, I’m at the movies…Yeah, I know…I’m in the fucking theater!…I don’t care if she needs brain surgery, I’m at the movies!

–Loews 19th Street East

Chick: You have to watch out for those pre-cancerous lesions. You know, those can lead to cancer.

–Times Square

Little girl: Don’t pull my hair!
Mom: I wasn’t! I was just holding on.
Little girl: To my hair?

–D train

Professor guy: Remember, next week’s exam will cover all the material from the past three weeks.
Chick: Uh, ‘scuse me? When are we going to get to the Zodiac signs?
Professor guy: Um, you do know this is astronomy and not astrology, right?

–Hunter College

I’m bored.

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  1. *snicker* You really gotta wonder about some people. *lol*

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