I feel a strong pull to go meditate in the room that makes the rain. Even though I had a shower today and I am clean, I can’t stop myself. I have been sitting here with lots of thoughts and feelings and I just HAVE TO….news at 11.

POST MEDITATION NOTES: um…yah…so just more confirmationS of the same thoughts and feelings.

My take on THE feeling is…fear of falling. My thoughts…I shall reserve for further investigation.

My dreams last night were fun! Funnel cakes are messy!*snicker* I also don’t see myself as a jealous person, but I almost said something out of character in that dream. For the SILLIEST of reasons. I bit my tongue and saved the moment. *phew* *chuckle* Actually I think I said it and thought I didn’t then saw the reaction to it and felt the need to explain myself. I hope THAT doesn’t ACTUALLY happen. eek! think I can just mime all of my communication for about 2 weeks? *LMAO*

This week has been up and down with feelings of sheer jubilance to fear over being ill, but then joy over the prospect of many forms of healings…then a strange disconnect(short lived) when I woke up Friday morning…then more joy as the afternoon came…I don’t recall my feeling of saturday until the “ritual” in teh yard. Then I felt calm and trusting. Sunday morning I felt pure joy that filled me from head to toe…from the Reiki…then accomplishment and comfort…mixed with more joy. Overall theme for the week…dispite the ilness factor…JOY! weeeeeeeee

ooooo…..I hear Opera being sung in the next room. cool! bet YOU can’t say THAT. hehe

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