I just went out into my backyard to visit with and pray to Grandmotehr Moon. I was supposed to be in a sweat tonight but I am at the end of my Moon and cannot participate.

I got a clear message that she wanted to talk to me tonight, so I am doing a few things.

First my prayers and thanks.

I brought:

Green candle
6 color strips of material: blue, green, red, yellow, black and white
green box of matches(it ws on my altar already)
4 leaves of white sage from a branch of sage given to me by V

When I walked outside I could not see her. I then remembered the safety I feel under the two intertwined-symbiotic trees in the yard. As I walked up under the Boganvilla, I saw her. Bright and beautiful in the Eastern sky shining onto a passing cloud.

I can’t help but wonder if the sweat is going on right now? I attempted to send a message and see what I get back.

I lit the sage and as it burned I tried to light the candle. It took  4 matches to light it. I put down pray strips of cloth and held up a large handful of tabacco in both of my hands.

I said many preyaers…prayers for my body’s healing, prayers for healing for N & T, prayers for the strength to be peaceful and full of light tomorrow with N, prayers for V’s healing and trust in me, prayers for Itengvu, prayers that I can handle all 4 projects I am volunteering for, prayers for my continued clarity…and the most imporatnt of all…I offered up thanks for the people new and old who are part of my life, thansk for the gifts she has brought to me, thanks for specific people who are blessings and even thanks for my illness(whatever it amy be ablout), tahnks for the healing that many people contributed to in OUR house this week. I told her that I trust her and know my body’s struggle right now is part of my growth and truly see it as a gift.

I braided my colors with 4 knots for my prayers. I’ll carry them with me tomorrow.

I came in to eat some food and burn the green(healing) candle on the altar in my room. I don’t usually use the altar in my livingroom.

Grandmother moon you have helped me begin to grow stronger and more true to myself. Blessings on my ancestors and blessings on my family.

I am going back outside in a few minutes to sit in silence and hear what you have to say to me.

EDIT: Missed my window…it’s pouring!!!!

but…I will meditate before I go to sleep tonight.

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  1. ravyne_hawke says:

    What a beautiful ritual, Taty 🙂 I just wanted to let you know that I have added you to my daily Reiki routine and I will continue to send you Reiki until hear you’ve been healed. You are in my thoughts and prayers, dear sweet lady.

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