5 Questions.
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1. Do you follow any cultural superstitions (e.g., avoiding the number thirteen, picking up pennies)? uh…not really. I admit to picking up pennies.

2. Do you have any personal superstitions (e.g. wearing a certain item of clothing to bring you luck)? On Friday the 13th I counter balance the superstitious with my happiness.

3. Did your parents have any superstitions? What were they? Do you believe in them? NOPE!

4. Make up a new superstition and share it with us (who know, maybe it will catch on!). 13 is a very very lucky and magical number. Buck the superstitions by celebrating the number 13 and appreciating it’s magic!

5. Did you notice the date today? Does it affect you at all (e.g. make you nervous, make you happy)? The number 13 in general and Friday the 13th bring me joy. Heck…the number 13 has been touching my life for a long time now. In oh so many very good ways!

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