I’m listening to LL Cool J’s “Going Back to Cali”. Keeping with tradition…here is the memory:

In my last job in Massachusetts, I was Youth Development Coordinator(but I did my boss’ job–BLOB was his “name”).

I lobbied for hiring 6 teenagers as PART TIME STAFF and loved those kids as if they were Julian’s big African brothers and sisters*LMAO* …they were not all black, but teh guys were. 3 young men who would sit around and chit chat about my ass and other HIGHLY innaproprite parts of my body whenever they got a chance too. Hey…I was 25 OK!!!! It wasn’t my fault!

So anyway….*distracting the crowd with a dance*

When I decided to move to California we all cried together. They were my “crew”…my peeps…ya dig?

On my last day of WORK the staff of teh health center and the kids threw me a going away bash. They invited all teh people who had been involved with my program(adolescent health education through theater—I/we  wrote/perfoprmed plays). They were fantabulistic!

They got me a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE cake with a picture of the US…a Truck parked ON Massachusetts and ME standing next to it. On LA was a HEART…cuz well..I was comin’ out to work at the LA Free Clinic in Hollwierd AND to be with a fella.

The boys asked me to hang back after the party…the kids gave me gifts and the guys sang me a little diddy. “Taty’s goin’ back to Cali…cali…Cali…Goin’ back to Cali…” Straight up with dance moves and all that jazz! I laughed…I cried…

I will NEVER forget those kids and I miss them with a large piece of my heart and soul. I listen to this song and send them my love and admiration. I still keep in touch with one of teh girls…who is now a graduate of RPI…don’t know what RPI is? LOOK IT UP!! SHE HAD A FULL RIDE SCHOLARSHIP!

Ya know what…tomorrow when I call NYC to reach my brother, I’m going to call some folks back home too. I need to talk to Fred Swan and find Monte and Damon…my kids..um…MEN? YIKES! That could be sticky!

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