When I am feeling the need to protect the unprotrectable(including myself), I sometimes choreograph scenarios that are not in my nature in order to protect grown folks from negative feelings that are perfectly normal feelings that need to be experienced in order for growth and clarity to occur naturally.

This decision just came over me…I will no longer be doing such things anytime  in the near future. Spirit is in charge and I learned my lesson earlier this week, when I tried to control a walk to the park that Mother Earth had plans for, that when I try to control plans that are set in motion by her I faulter…and regret it later.

I will now step out of my own way. Out of the way. Out of their way.

Instead  of helping pull of this particular bandaid gently as to not have to witness the squirming…I WILL just sit back and watch the bandaid get pulled off while it rips a couple small hairs out with it. Then, I will tend to the tiny wounds as needed. I’m not callous…just not responsible for what is about to happen.

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