This is very very long and if you read it I will know you have good glasses and you have not been drinking. *LOL*

Woke up today at 5AM and attempted to start the day of bright eyed and bushy tailed. SUCCESS! mmm coffee is perfect this morning! mmm M took me to Pavillions for their amazing Blueberry muffins. mmm what a gorgeous morning at Casper’s wildlife Park. Stood on a path and played with the fiches while the board meeting took place. That part was confidential.

At the general member’s meeting(I am becoming one btw) Melody’s presentation to CCPF was a work of art. Breathtaking…truly. Itengvu is a go!!!!! YAY! We cried with excitement! I was introduced to many people as so many wonderful adjectives that I was truly humbled and honored. I love Melody very much and she is a blessing in my life. One blessing of many, and a HUGE ONE at that.

I filled up my bag with lotsa good stuff to snack on as we left Casper’s proper to head over to a special piece of private county land also known as the San Juan Capistrano Hot Springs area. There is no trespassing here…only park rangers and volunteers aloud. all other will be warned and then arrested. Oh…there is one exception to this but YOU ARE NOT a member of the tribe, so don’t even ask me.

As we drove past the “highway side gate” that opens up to Ortega Highway, I got a vision of my special friend…the dark(as in he manifest all black in color-head to tow) spirit…running along the fence grabbing for me and growling..or…it’s hard to explian the sound…it was like when a zombie sees brain..ok…don’t mean to be funny, but that was the sound.

Let me explian a bit here…

The first time I went out to SJCHS was last May/June. At her meditation class, which I was in, she was talking about going out there to clear thistle(ie: artichoke plants) that Saturday. This piece of land has a deep spiritual place in Melody’s soul. This is sacred land that Spirit has chosen her to watch over as gaurdian. There is no doubt about that. Even the Juaneno feel this.

So we start to walk into the springs area. As we get closer to what is called HEAT STROKE, and for good reason, we have to walk through a bee keeping area. Before this day, I had not been stung by a bee in over 25 years. But as I walk through a wall of bees, that seemed very agitated before we even got there, BAM! A bee stung me about 3/4 inch below my RIGHT eye. OUCH! It was very painful…but M had some bee sting stuff and it just became a dull ache.

We pulled thistle for four hours. I got very bad sunburn which resembled leperacy at the Renn Faire the next day. Then M was stung jest below her LEFT eye. we were flabbergasted.

WE walked over to have our picnic by the Springs themselves. I forgot my money pouch hanging on a tree back near Heat Stroke. I walked back the 600 ft. through the brush and thick trees. I started to feel fearful and as I looked back to see what was behind me..because there was a strong presence..I saw a distinct black figure of a man. He just watched me walk away from this one patch of trees between Heat Stroke and Lost Cause.

I was a bit startled and creeped out by actually seeing…not just in my minds eye…a black figure that clearly. It was as if you and I were standing 20 feet from eachother in complete silence looking straight into eachothers eyes. I felt no feeling from him THAT day.

Well, today that all changed. I admit that as I got dressed today and decided to put on no scent and not shower, I did think of the bees. I wanted to avoid the same scenarios as last time. I had forgotten about the spirit AND I had just been telling some friends, including M on the way there, that my sheilds are down a bit due to some spiritual activity in my house.

So the spirit is moaning at me from behind teh fence and I tell M, “uh Mel, remember that spirit I saw last the trees?” *nod* “well, he just..blah blah” She asked me if I felt safe going in today and I said that if I felt unsafe I would tell her.

When we reached the real front gate I was feeling weird…so I walked over to the gate and said loudly, “I am not going to let you harm me.” I felt a bit better and we proceeded in. All the while I could feel myself being watched off and on but I was sheilding big time with white bubbles. DON’T LAUGH! :~p  my normal state is natural sheilding. No need to work at it at all. Not so this week. I’m not liking it but it is what it is.

I made the choice not to walk through the bee keeping spot(btw this afternoon, at a nearby nurswery, I got some hand salve that is made from the honey those bees produce-NICE!). Good call I must say. They were all over the place.

We started walking back towards Lost Cause and as we sat and ate a snack about 100 ft. from it, I felt a strange sensation that I have no adjective for. It was not the usual vertigo one gets from a ghost. It was a feeling of being pushed in on gently on all of my skin. Was someone trying to get through my sheilds? ayup!

We walked right up into Lost Cause. It’s a 40ftx40ft. patch of land that is thistle free. As M walked about with glee he came. He stood(not as tangible) in the trees again, but I would stare at the trees and look away. But, I could feel that I would not be able to hold the sheilds if I stayed there too long. M noticed and we moved from that spot over to Heat Stroke. I felt drained and could only swing the pick axe a few times before I had to sit. I started breaking dead twigs to calm myself. I did this for about 45 mins. I went over and sat on a log and a voice told me to stay where Mel could see me and that “he” would grab at me if I sat “over there”. “Over there” was a large fallen tree trunk that is at the very edge of that tree patch.

When we started to walk out, after some smudging and prayers in which I saw some pretty vivid pictures which are unmistakable…and if I shared them here would freak some of you out, I was thinking that “he” had been pretty respectful of my space.

SPOKE TOO SOON! As M walked off to take a small loop to check another meadow, he came up behind me. This is the jest of the conversation we had:

Him: I want to go with you. Can’t you see how lonely I am?
Me. YES! But I have enough unwanted guests at home and you cannot come with me.
Him: Stay.
Me: No, that is not an option.
Him: I am all alone out here.
Me: Listen. I am serious. I am leaving now and I am going by myself.
Him: *angry mumbling*
Me: Don’t get mad at me. I am not the one who shot you! Maybe if you could stop being so full of anger the other spirits here would talk with you.
Him: *Silence*
Me: I’m leaving. Maybe you should move on to the other side.
Him: You are going to tell you friend about this talk aren’t you?
Me: Of course! I need to release it.
Him: *silently moved away off back to his trees*
Me: goodbye

At that very moment M joined back up with the main trail I was on and we continued.

The end.

I’m not even going to bother with why the title of this says anything about chickens. it’s 11:13 PM and my fingers are sleepy.

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4 Comments on Operation Chicken S$%T & the Dark Spirit

  1. ravyne_hawke says:

    what an interesting spirit! it seems he is very attached to you too. I guess not many visitors can sense him and so he has attached himself to you because you can. definitely weird! glad you got away from him though.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I feel you made a point with him about releasing his anger how brilliant!
    I hope that helped him….

  3. Creepy, indeed. Glad he went away though. Some spirits just don’t take no for an answer…and they put up one hell of a fight. *hugs*

    • B.E.M. says:

      Hiya! Like your ICON. Cats should FLY!*L*

      yah…Mel and I are talking about doing a healing to help him move on. we’ll see what happens.

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