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As the day began I knew that I was not in charge. Maybe it was the fact that I planned on leaving the house to catch the 10AM bus to downtown LA and my plan was foiled by things I had to finish up here. Maybe it was the fact that as I neared the bus stop the #2 bus breezed by. I went into the store to get water and when I came out it was sitting at the bus stop. “WHAT?”  I thought as I ran across the street. As I reached the far corner the bus sped away. “F%^K!” I exclaimed. I sat down on the bus stop bench deflated and asking the Goddess why I missed that bus. Maybe I am not supposed to be going to WYSE today, Tatyanna, maybe I am supposed to go direct to Tammy’s. *shrug* I was confused. I looked down at my overnight bag and startled at the missing sneaker. ” DAMN! Where the heck did I drop it.

I gathered my pile of belongings…fanny pack, overnight bag, shoulder bag/breifcase, CD and walkman holder, and bag of Kung Fu videos and retraced my steps. I walked back across the street and gaxed down the road back towards my house. “Oh, please. I really don’t have it in me to walk back those 5 blocks. *sigh*” I saw this dark shape lying on the sidewalk about 1.5 blocks back. “OK. I can do this.”

After gathering my sneaker and fastening the zipper tight on my overnight bag..I knew it was a bad idea not to close it all the way earlier, but I was rushing to catch the bus. I walked back to the corner and as I got near again..guess what? I missed the #1, which also goes downtown. “S^&T!” *sigh*  “What are you trying to tell me?” I asked the Goddess as I again sat down in the bus stop seat deflated. Immediately I realized I should get teh #3 and catch up with the #1 at Normandie and Carson! I ran over to the other bus stop and caught the #3. After the #1 never showed…well…not when it should have…I called Susana at WYSE and turns out it was not going to work out for me to go in to work that day. So, I called Tammy and got on the train heading North towards North Hollywood.

Celtic Blue Eyes

As I stood on the 1st train of 3, I realized I was the ONLY blue eyed person on the entire train. My feelings about this were interesting to me.

Both altan and Clannad have versions of this song. I like both. But I could only find the MP3 of Clannad. HERE 

NOTE: I can sing this song. I have decided to learn Gaelic by singing/learning Celtic music. It feel very natural and I vibe with the Alto tone of the lead singer of Clannad.

Siuil a Run

I wish I was on yonder hill
‘Tis there I’d sit and cry my fill,
Til every tear would turn a mill,
Iss guh jay thoo avorneen slawn.

Chorus (in phonetic Gaelic)
Shule, shule, shule aroon,
Shule go succir agus, shule go kewn,
Shule go dheen durrus oggus aylig lume,
Iss guh jay thoo avorneen slawn.

I’ll sell my rod, I’ll sell my reel,
I’ll sell my only spinning wheel,
To buy my love a sword of steel
Iss guh jay thoo avorneen slawn.


I’ll dye my petticoats, I’ll dye them red,
And ’round the world I’ll beg my bread,
Until my parents shall wish me dead,
Iss guh jay thoo avorneen slawn.


I wish, I wish, I wish in vain,
I wish I had my heart again,
And vainly think I’d not complain,
Iss guh jay thoo avorneen slawn.


But now my love has gone to France,
To try his fortune to advance;
If he e’er come back, ’tis but a chance,
Iss guh jay thoo avorneen slawn.


Provided by Lindsay Labanca
Come, come, come, O love,
Quickly come to me, softly move;
Come to the door, and away we’ll flee,
And safe for aye may my darling be!

African Soul

By the time I boarded train 2 of 3, I felt at home here. I looked around and  saw brown skin, caramel skin, beige skin, black eyes, brown eyes, hazel eyes…Mexican, Puerto Rican, African, Philipino…noone blue eyed or anglo. But, I did not feel like the odd woman out…I felt like ME. Whole. Complete. At Peace.

NOTE: A gentleman of about 60(?) came up to me as he disembarked and he handed me an Orange notcard that said “SHINE” on the front. Inside he commented on my “cute tattoo” and said he would love to correspond with a lady like me by mail. I was flattered. I may write him..dunno. If only for the adventure of learning about his life. I think it is very interesting to hear the wisdom of new people. I will make it clear that I am not interested in him as anything other than a pen pal.

 I realized that the path that my life has taken has brought me back to my core. The me that I have not been in the past 7 years since I left Massachusetts. That makes me a bit angry, but at the same time I value the lessons of the last years in shaping my future.

This woman in me has three paths, three cultures…in reality many more than three…and she needs to be felt, seen, heard and nurtured. Have I really been walking through my days oblivious to myself? Not seeing myself in these brown folks? I have many brown folk who have come into my life in the last year. But, I have been MIA.

On Monday night my father, of African, Powhatan and Scotish heritage, called me for the first time in 5 years. As you know he and I have been emailing recently, but to hear his voice was amazing and powerful. So many wonderful things to say about that. It will be another post.

Earlier Tuesday as I reached into my “political” bookshelf…I grabbed “Soulfires”. This book is a compliation of poetry, pros, lyrics and other writings by young black men. I have not picked this book up in years. I had forgotten how the words moved me. I want to share this book with someone I know and I will soon enough. I spent much of my free time Tuesday reading over the pages I had bookmarked and feeling a warm full feeling inside. Very inspiring and moving.

This blue eyed African, Celtic (Irish AND Scottsih), Powhatan,  and French (come to find out-more later) woman is BACk and I am not going anyway EVER again!!!

India Arie is my favorite African American female artist. She is beautiful brown skinned poet. The Goddess moves in my life through I.A.’s words and music. I post her lyrics often and this is my favorite song/poem by India. I tried to send this song through email the other day and the darn thing would not send. Tuesday actually…guess it was not meant to go. but here it is now. This song represents my true feelings about
romantic love. Well, this and that poem by Kahlil Gibran (posted Sunday).

NOTE: I can sing this song. She is also an Alto. I have a pretty deep voice for a chick! heh  I like to sing all her songs actually. In the shower that is. *LOL* Hey…I am talkative but I can be shy too. sheesh.

Nature is Track #6 on Accoustic Soul LISTEN HERE  

India Arie – Nature Lyrics

I know
Oh, Oh Yeah

Hey baby
Why you rushing
Let’s sit back and watch the flowers grow
Why you want
To swim against the tide
Let’s lay and watch the river flow

Here in god’s creation
There is always a reason
I know, that love is there for us

Where we’ll go, baby I don’t know
Maybe we should just let nature run the show
Where we’ll go, baby I don’t know
Maybe we should just let nature run the show

I don’t wanna watch no movie
Let’s sit and watch the stars put on a show
If you want to win my favor
Be creative, and show me your flavor
Cause here in God’s creation
For everything there is a SEASON
Let go
Let life
Let love
Let God

Where we’ll go, baby I don’t know
Maybe we should just let nature run the show
Where we’ll go, baby I don’t know
Maybe we should just let nature run the show

Like the sun shines and
The wind blows
Like the birds fly
And the moon glows
If I am meant for you and
You are meant for me
Then we will flow together

[Chorus x2]
Where we’ll go, baby I don’t know
Maybe we should just let nature run the show
Where we’ll go, baby I don’t know
Maybe we should just let nature run the show

Baby we should sit, watch the flowers grow
Baby we should sit, back and watch the moon glow
Baby,we should feel the wind blow

First you plant a seed
And then it grows and
Then it blooms
And it dies
That the cycle of life
Same goes for you and I
Maybe this time we’ll get it right

Go with the flow
Maybe we’ll get it right..

Powhatan Spirit

So I spent Tuesday afternoon, overnight and all day Wednesday, with Tammy doing work on FOCUS,like the Goddess had planned. Weds. we went for a hike to Escondido Falls in Malibu. It is a very magical place. we both had experiences with a nature spirit or two. Post for another time. Through a series of events it has come to me that I will be going to my second sweatlodge on this upcoming Full Moon, which just happens to be my mother’s birthday.

I have been finding some really amazing Native American music. One such song is called: MOTHER by Ulali from the album Heartbeat: Voices of First Nations Women.

I have no lyrics for you. You would have to hear it for yourself.

NOTE: Learning to sing like this is a dream!!!


Ok. I think I have gotten this post all out of me. I have many more, but I just got an email suggesting that I get outside and it was a very wise and appreciated suggestion.

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