ok..um…last evening my DSL went down. There is some sort of network issue. TOM..the SBC guy just gave me a dial up #…but man is it slow. The last time I used dial up was er..over 2 years ago?


EDIT: ugh! I can’t listen to MP3’s online. I WANT TO!!!!

I can’t look at pictures on a friend LJ without waiting 10 minutes for each to load! I did see them EVENTUALLY…sheesh!

Gmail is STILL loading.

My phone line will be busy ALL DAY.


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  1. arian_diana says:

    A friend in Pacifica is griping about her DSL as well. She has to take her laptop to McDonald’s to use it. For some reason it works there but not at her house.
    Dial-up is horrible. Everyone should be allowed DSL at a cheap rate now in my opinion.

  2. theresaboo says:


    What did we DO back when we had to use Dial up. =)

    Heck, I was on AOL 2.0 at one time. haha

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