Recently, for many of us, there has been a cycle of realizing that we need to sit still and really be with ourselves. The danger can be to climb all up inside our heads and we end up consumed and all wrapped up in pain and issues…not able to see through the fog that all of that creates. Not able to work through it and release it. Purge..if you will.

The thing that keeps coming up and has come up in every things I hsve been involved in and many of my interpersonal relationships since I was let go from IRWA is….think with your heart and your mind will follow.

The first time was when it came up with J, the volunteer coordinator at Vitas Hospice Care. J and I were discussing how to intuit what a patient needs or does not need from you and how to avoid over using words to calm someone. What came was “As long as you are communicating from your heart, your words will be true and clear”. When I said it we both started to cry. It was the Goddess speaking to us. J is a wonderful woman, who I really need to get back in touch with.

This Mandala, which I keep in my MySpace pictures and in my LJ pictures for a reason, is the Heart Mind Mandala. The artist is: Paul Heussenstamm

If you are so inclined and use Madalas for meditation, you may want to print this out or do what you need to so you can focus on it. It has been my desktop picture for some time now. Since October actually. Fancy that. *ahem*

Mind Heart Mandala Mind Heart Mandala
This Mandala is my desktop picture. Has been since October. I like it because it seems to move.

The heart and mind need to work in partnership. When they are fighting, no-one is happy.

NOTE: If anyone EVER asks you what I want for my birthday, tell them a gift certificate for this artists website or classes!!!

sooooo…the Mandala artist does Madalas Painting Worksops. He will be doing on in Nov. 2006, whci is when I’ll be able to afford it. It is being done at the Harbin Hot Springs retreat.

The rates for accomadations there are unreal and cheap. They even have these really beautiful cottages. I like the Jasmine Cottage.

It’s near Napa. I have never been to Napa.


Also…his studio is in Laguna Beach. I want to GO!

He is having open classes in March 2006. $90 a day. hmmmm

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