Last night M came over to work on itengvu . That is the name of the hot springs project btw. I still have not explianed, but I probably won’t here. Ask if you are curious.

Anyway..she is sitting at my desk area as I type and she noticed a card tacked to my bulletin board. It says, “Anansi Boys” Spider God. She almost falls off of her cahir and says…. “Anansi Boys! I am reading that right now!”


My mother just told me about it…as I posted the other day. M’s S.O. juts gave her teh 12 CD book on CD. She has offered to loan it to me, but I want to read it. My mother is reading it now…and I will borrow it from her when she is out in Jan.

M was all tripped out and got goose bumped. I was NOT SHOCKED…yet very jazzed about it.


Life is GOOD!

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