Ok. I had a very peacful, productive and very family type day.

Julian was actually HOME since all his buddies and his girlfriend were with their families.

We hung out a bit but we mostly kept to ourselves. We will eat lunch out later this week. He never did take me to Hometown Buffet. :~(

Gave my roomie her gift. She loved it. yay!

Spoke to my mother for over 2 hours. Have I told you how fabulous she is? I talked through all my angst that I had earlier this weekend. She really gets me…you know REALLY gets ME. 

I want my mother to meet a lot of my friends who I have met this year. Last time she was out we went on a camping trip near Julian (CA) with about 10 people I knew.

I was thinking of having a pot luck or something and people can stop by and hang out. I guess that’s a party?*L* yah.

It’s just that she is the coolest mom ever and she only comes out maybe once every two years.

I also chatted with my little sis(22mos younger) for quite some time today. But I already babbled about that.

Tomorrow is the hike at Franklin Canyon. Then home to clean the house since I am having two guests on Tues/Weds. eek! Talk about a motivating factor! I’ve been doing little things here and there, but mostly art stuff and other projects.

OK. I’m done for the night. I need some rest.


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