I am in love with Vivaldi.

I like all kinds of music.

I don’t OWN all kinds of music however.

My favorite composers have always been Chopin and Vivaldi.

I am sitting here listening to the entire Four Seasons. I started to listen to it last night hut got sidetracked by watched Frida (love that movie).

This piece is just sheer brilliance. I would love to know how long it took him to compose it, so I will probably be looking that up today. I am like a research/information junkie!

I’m chatting with my sister. We don’t get to talk often, but her girls are away with family, and she is home bored. :~) It’s nice to catch up.

Oh..and I just realized that I should be sharing all the information I am findiing about the Powhatan and our ancestry with her. DUH!

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  1. ravyne_hawke says:

    Oh I agree! Vivaldi is one of my favorite composers too 🙂 Enjoy the music love!

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