I keep taking cat naps. I don’t DO naps.

I have a low grade fever. Can’t seem to kick it.

I have a traveling headache. First in my left temple…now it is popping up on the right. Mostly because i did not eat breakfast until 11:30AM.

I just ate some healthy stuff and hope that I can rest  a bit more and feel better. I don’t want to be this miserable tomorrow. This mood my body is in only gets one flippin’ day from me dammit!

The  things I have enjoyed today, so far, have been a great talk with my roomate over pancakes and REAL Maple Syrup. yummmm  Oh, and a great big sister love hug. I love those.


All this fantastic music. This is a very cool program. Indeed.


Side Note:

I popped on the tv to try and find something substantive to watch. Good Will Hunting is on. I forgot how smart this movie was/is. So many poignant relationships and themes. Great movie!

I love the relationship between the two teachers. I  empathise with the pain and joy of the romantic relationship between Will and Sylvie. The relationship/parallels between Will and the psych teacher…Robin William’s lives.

The “It’s not your fault.” scene has to be one of the most powerful 3 minutes in any movie.


What came up for me this morning has a lot to do with the fact that I have spent much of the last 6 mos. counseling friends whose pain is very deep and so much a part of blocking their true happiness.

I need a bit of time to take care of my own stuff. I have some stuff to take care of, that’s for sure. Healing stuff between me and my father/fathers wife. I need to be able to get to know my youngest brother. I need to somehow get in communication with my father’s odest son-my half brother.

THIS  has been my problem. I listen to others. I watch them cry. And I feel guilty for expressing my own pain which seems to pale in comparison.

What I really need right now is to spend time with people and NOT explore/over work all that pain. I need to have some fun and not always been drawn into helping people work through everything.

 I need some uncomplicated fun!!!  That was told to me today btw. By a very wise person.

I’ll just sit back here and wait for fun to dial my phone number. I’m patient. *kicking back working on an art project*

Have I mentioned that all these gifts I am making are creating a serious addiction to paper mache and acrylic paints? I WILL be going through witdrawal when they are all finished. Luckily…JOAnne’s is so close by and I can just amke more. But what the heck am I going to do with them?*L*

Ok…I am actually starting to FEEL better.


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  1. ravyne_hawke says:

    Taty *hugs* You need some “self” time sweetie! I hope you find time for it and cherish it and work out all your needs. I am here if you need me though 🙂

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