Just sittin’ here listin’ to “REal Jazz” on XM Radio on Direct TV. Good stuff!

So I realized yesterday and t was hit HOME this morning, that I am getting very busy and I need to create a REAL schedule for myself. I not only have all the stuff going on that I listed last time, but friends and opportunities for activities are pouring out all over me.

As it appears that my schedule is taking on a narrative spin, I will place it under a cut.

Today, Dec. 23:

  • Make one more gift. Probably for tiarra so I can mail those three on Monday morning.
  • Eat more of this See’s Dark Chocolate that someone brought to “M’s” last night. “M” MADE ME take it home. sheesh hehe
  • Organize that BIG pile of papers and what not that is sitting here next to my desk…which btw will soon be replaced with a gifted desk from..well…”M”. And you thought I did all this work for people with no return? hah! I am blessed by the people in my life who I exchange talents with, and my reward is evidnt.
  • Go for a walk before I burst into flames. No really..I need air.*phew* Just had top open a waindow. I’m sitting here with a flippin’ sweater on. It’s about 77* outside. What am I daft? Don’t answer that please.
  • Remember to get call waiting. my roomie is out for the day so I will have to talk to her about this tomorrow.
  • Create hard copy calendar/schedule for myself. Keep it on the inside of my door. Read it every morning and add to it when new things pop up. Ex: I ahve plans every single day from Monday through Thursday next week and I have nothing written down. I need to know when and if I have any free time to be alone and/or do something to make myself feel peacful. Although the rest of my schedule will show that I am actually doing a ton of that sort of things next week.
  • Clean the rest of the house so that I can use my homemade smudge “kit” that “M” gave me to do some cleansing in this house. Last night, “M” and I were speaking of my kitty cat ghostie and she hipped me to the woman and “kid” who also reside here. Well, for months, my son has not slept well. And me, being the horrible insensitive mother that I am *crickets*…….did not connect teh two. “J” is quite sensitive to spirits and I should have realized this was the problem. But here is the thing: I have a sheild up that blocks that crap and I have only experienced the “poltergeist” type affects of the spirits and thought it could all be attributed to teh kitty ghost.
  • Eat lunch. Although I am quite tempted to return to Saigon for more PHO, I will restrain myself and probably end up cooking something…oooo…just remembered I made Sheppard’s Pie. I’ll eat that. Later…I am not hungry now.
  • Bring in the trash barrels.
  • Clean the ME.

Saturday, December 24:

  • Email my Father and his Wife to wish them a Merry Christmas.
  • Call my mother and sister, etc…to wish them a Merry Christmas.
  • Email my Grandparents and thank them for their gift, which allows me to give to others.
  • Start the PoA document for FOCUS. Plug in information as I receive it from “T”.
  • Go for a walk. I am adding this to EVERY days schedule.
  • Do that tabacco ceremony that was suggested to me. I bought the tabacco that same day. But, I have been busy. *trying to divert attention by juggling*
  • Make another gift. Probably for my roomate. I still need to pick the final color. I guess pink is apropo for the “subjecvt matter” of the magic.
  • Figure out how I will create/have created my business cards now that I have such a fabulous logo. Thanks to the talent and friendship of courage_mylove . I have the programs now. I SHOULD do it myself…no? hmm.

NOTE: Outside my window..the birds in teh Bagganvilla tree are singing. I would guess that there are about 10 birds or so…but maybe a lot more. I love my windows. I love the tree. I am happy for the birds.

I am in a very good mood today. Did I mention this?

Sunday, December 25th:

  • er..yah…so I am thinking that I really don’t have anything pressing that needs to be done on Sunday. I will do whatever comes.
  • Oh yah..I’ll probably make “D”(female) and “T”..THE “T’s” gifts this day.
  • what to doo…what to do…

Monday, December 26:

  • My roomie and I will be going up to Franklin Canyon, which I have previously mentioned, to walk and view the fawna and flora. This flora, interestingly enough, includes a sprinkling of Belladonna plants  She wasd sayin’…maybe there is a way we can feed some belladonna to the “kid”. you know..the *whispering* kid who resides in our cabinets.
  • Oh…and the plan is for breakfast too!
  • Home in early afternoon. Nothin’ to do.
  • Will make another gift. This one will be for eitehr “S” “L” or “S” They are turning out quite nice and my concept is working. heh
  • Work on FOCUS stuff.

Tuesday, Decemeber 27/Wednesday, December 28:

  • “D”(female) will be ij town with her daughter “B”(also female). We will be going to Olvera Street, Cesar Chavez Road to do a mural tour of LA, possibly getting a tarot reading for “D”, cooking glorious breakfasts for eachother, exploring any paerts of LA that they want to see because they are from Santa Barbara, going to Artesia to shop in the Indian district, probably hitting IKEA. Good thing I am broke d broke.

NOTE: The flippin “kid” is making a ruccus outside my door. THAT’s why I feel so lightheaded sometimes when I am at my desk. I also get nausea sometimes right here. He is showing himself. I was just ignoring it. ick!
Not good stuff. He is very unhappy. They ignored him. I feel sad for him, but I can’t live with his disruption.

Thursday, December 29:

  • My plan for thursday includes some time for me. This could be alone or not. I am open.
  • Thursday evening “M” and I plan to get together and by then she should have acquired an EIN and gotten the DBA package.

Friday, December 30:

  •  I plan on going up to “T’s” in the Valley to work with her on the FOCUS History binder. I may sleep over. We shall see how the day goes. I may want to come home. dunno yet.

Saturday December 31:

  • I really like new Years Eve. I really want to do something other than watch Dick Clark drop the ball at midnight. I have some idears…but that I will keep to myself.

Sunday January 1, 2006:

  • wow1 that’s a big one. Let me ponder this and get back ‘atcha.

hmm…I really like this James Carter music.

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