My wishes & aspirations:

In the next 8 mos I will:

IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER OF IMPORTANCE. That would reveal too much. :~}

Find a great job that is a great fit and allows me to continue to create my own consulting business.

Travel back home to see my family.

Watch my son finish 10th grade.

Ride a horse or two ot three. it’s been 2 years.

Go to GoKart World.

Enjoy another kiss that amazing.

Eat a Monte Cristo at Disneyland.

Try a new type of art.

Get new cell phone account. soon..VERY soon. DONE!

Learn to REALLY make jewelry. I’ve just been playing at it.

Finish a business plan, incorporate/establish business, create website for business and work on the curricula.

Go back to school. Prepare to enroll in MPH program.

Visit friends in Canada.

Go back to salsa lessons.

Join the world of drivers again. *sigh*

Use my skills to empower and help as many fabulous women as I can handle, including myself.

Take a digital photography class. I might actually be good at this. :~}

Use the fireplace. I even talk to the landlord about the last inspection and got some tips. He’s a good guy.

Make sure I never have to cast a provisional ballot again!

Make sure Yoga is part of my daily routine.for real…not just intention

Do my daily devotions “religiously”….so…to…speak. hah

Create a better relationship with my father.

Make sure my mother knows how much I love and apprecaite her.

Stencil the walls of my bathroom.

Get a washer and dryer in our garage.

Keep my LJ account a paid account.

Read the entire Golden Bough.

Read at least one book on a spirituality I know very little about. Maybe Hindism, because I have already been resaerching that a bit. Maybe Cthulhu. hehe j/k

Find a local group to play Cthulhu with.

Eat more chocolate.

See the Vagina Monologues for the first time.

Get a better chordless phone.

Walk 2 miles every day. I walk 4 today. I feel energized.

Baked an apple pie. Or two…or three.

Make cake from scratch for a good friend’s birthday. Maybe even more than one.

Plan for my next tatoo. A HUMMINGBIRD

Get more henna for my hair and keep up with it.

Add to this list.

Live life and laugh often.

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  1. kataish says:

    those are good goals. especially “Visit friends in Canada.” tee hee.

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