I was just looking at  Non Profit Jobs Website and saw a Job where the Asian Pacific Environmetal Network was talking about something called Environmental Justice. This concept has peaked my interest. WHY? Because the Hot Water Project…”M’s” project, on which I am Development Advisor…is just this.

This is what APEN’s mission says:

The Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN) was founded in 1993 to bring together a collective voice among the diverse Asian and Pacific Islander communities to develop an alternative agenda for environmental, social and economic justice, and fight for the right of all people to a clean and healthy environment in which to live, work and play. In pursuit of this vision, APEN?s strategies include: building grassroots power, strengthening organizing capacity in API communities, forging strategic alliances, and advancing proactive agendas & policies towards systemic change.

YAY APEN. That’s fabulous. SYSTEMIC CHANGE!!! THE WHOLE REASON WHY I DO WHAT I DO! wel…that’s the long range goal anyway… 1 person, org., system at a time.

btw: through a series of discusions with community leaders, the Hot Water Project has a NEW and decidely more “romantic” name. I will post that whole story later today. It’s a good one! The name is Acjacheman. Name given and approved by tribal representatives.

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