Last night M asked me if I wanted a new desk, as it bothered her that I sit sideways towards my monitor and my desk is not user friendly. It’s a wicker vanity actually. So, she said: “tell me the desk you want and I’ll get it. A gift for your work for me.” I described what I wanted.

So, I’m on the phone with T for almost 3 hours…sheesh…this morning and M is trying to call me.  I don’t have call waiting yet. I know..I’ll get it this week. So T finally hangs up and my phone rings.  It’s M telling me to walk downstairs. Then she tells me to walk to the door in front of me (side diningroomsliding glass doors).

THE desk from my minds eye is sitting right outside my patio doors.


*passing out*

apparently she was calling and calling then she showed up and banged and banged on the door…rang the bell..yelled my name…I was too wrapped up in a phone call and music to hear it all.

I felt banging…thought it was our ghost *LMAO*


*counting my blessings one by one by two by three by four*

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