I want this Hummingbird on the small of my back with his tail trailing down my body. mmm hhmmm…this may be my next tatoo…

someday I mean…when I have a spare $400

Hummingbirds have visited me since I moved to California. I never saw one in person until I moved out here, although I was always drawn to images of them.

 The first hummingbird I SAW was up at Franklin Canyon….a Santa Monica Mountains Nature Conservancy site. The absolute geographic center of Los Angeles.

 I was training to be a docent or interpretive volunteer. The first day when my friend dropped me off, there was a hummingbird waiting for me in the tree by my door to the car.

NOTE: There are 13+1(according to the expert) Hummingbird species in California.

It was glorious!

They are always trying to give me messages and playing with me. I was recently told that their “medicine” s JOY.

Hummingbird Info:


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