Got a message and phone call from a new Exercise buddy today. Whjat I love about the site is SERIOUS exercisers are there. No crap where people try to date you when you meet them.

“T”, my new “friend” has a tandem bike! I have not ridden in a few months, but I love bike riding. He also hikes and backpacks.

I want to backpack, but I have some friends who have been itching to do that in the Spring, so I will reserve that for time with them.

But…the bike riding sounds GREAT. woohooo

We’ll go tandem riding after New Years.

“T” does 100K rides for chairty. I would LOVE to do that…but I realy would need to build up my endurance. That’s 100K in one day. They are called Centuries.

But, I am going to go put air in the tires of “R’s” bike, which is here, and go down to the beach and ride a bit tomorrow!

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