I am getting a lot done today. I have been cleaning my room and it was/is pretty dusty. I found m,yself shuffling books around since I always keep the books in the bookshelves/bookcases(there are 4 in my room) in a genre/subject fashion. I’m not anal reallly…just like tyo know where to look when I am suddenly needing a reference or story. blah blah

I finally just put The Riverside Shakespeare on the top shelf with all the other really imporatnt large books. I kept moving it around the room and just flippin’ realized where it needed to be.

With the new season starting tomorrow, I guess I want to clean everything today so the Season can start off fresh…and cool. hehe

I still have no REAL spot for my Wild Things. A few years ago I went to a comic book store so my son couldf buy some Matchbox cars, which he collects, and I found a set of most of the Wild Things, from the book “Where the Wild Things Are”

That and “In the Night Kitchen” were two of my favorite books as a kid.
My roomie and I got to see the Sendak Exhibit at the Getty last year. It was a lot of fun.

*sigh* love THAT book.

Well, back to cleaning. I want to do the cleansing at Sunset, so I have a just over an  hour to finish up this up. Then we say goodbye to fall and hello Winter. Of course…it’s 77* today here.



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