This is a bit random…but heck…it’s my journal…I think like this so… *phhhht*

*phew* I just went out to do an errand and walked there and back. I think it’s 7 miles R/T. I have not walked regulary in some time…although I sometimes walk to do this errand, but only one way. Apparently I don’t break a sweat until mile 5. *shrug*

I feel great! But, I need a teeny tiny cat nap…like I’ll actually sleep! hah! But, my bed is looking awful comfy right now.

I have to clean the house today/tonight. It’s in dis-array. When I got back last evening I realized the dishes were piled high in the sink cuz someone did not do the one chore I asked. He is on X-mas break now. so…he was foolin’ around all weekend.

I also need to do some cleansing in my room. I think I’ll use the smudge that I made at M’s retreat at Casper’s.  My son’s friend was in here for a long time and the flow is not good right now. Not like it usually is anyway. I realize how my son does not disrupt it very much at all…but I do really think I need to make my room off limits since this space is my only retreat from things.

I am very careful who I invite to see/hang out in my room. It’s just recently that I show friends INTO the room. I used to just point and say, “That’s where my room is.” hehe

But, the people who have come into my room, are always invited by me as people are invited into our home. It feels strange to have the energy of a new soul in here. hmmm

Anyway…I need to walk/hike more times a week. I’ll work my way up to a comfortable level. Not sure about 7 miles a day though.*crumpled up face*

hmm..this song is making me want to go back to those Salsa lessons. It’s only 5 blocks from here. Just need the cashola.

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  1. arian_diana says:

    I don’t like people in my room either. Some people don’t bother me, and I don’t mind the kids going in when it’s bath time. My bathroom is a lot bigger than theirs and the tub is bigger, so we all use my bathroom when it comes time for our baths and showers. Granted I kick them out as soon as possible, but I don’t mind the bathing part too much.
    I’m considering getting a bigger tv for the living room and hooking the smaller one in my room. I could then have Conner’s PS2 in there as well, and that bugs me to no end. Maybe I’ll just hook the PS2 up to the big tv and call it done.

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