On October 14, 2005 a new cycle started in my life.

The night before I had  an ahah! moment when speaking of why a certain toxic friend had come into my life.

Come next morning and someone came into my life who lead me to a path I had never even dreamt of being on.

The Turtle was present on October 14th, and I didn’t realize to what extent until this morning.

Over and over in the last month or so, turle has been coming back into the forefront.

I feel that I am being reminded of keeping wisdom and patience close to my head and heart.

I’m listening.

The following LONG excerpt is from a webpage I found on a Google search. A woman who owns two turtles wrote it. It was very long and very interesting, but I cut the things I wanted to post here.

Turtle symbolizes both new beginnings and endings. It is through the ending of something that allows space for something new to arise. This ending may be of an outer circumstance or a change or shift that occurs within ourselves. There may be a sense of loss or even grief over what has passed and yet it is through the energy of Turtle who is very long lived and thus very wise, that we can come to understand why something did need to leave our lives. Turtle can help lead us to that space where we can finally move on, to let go of what has been, celebrate it for the gifts it gave us and finally to turn and head for a new shore.

Turtle medicine can be very helpful to call upon because it reminds us to slow down and look at where we are right now. It may be that the goal or pursuit has become a habit or something we feel we “should” do because someone else expects it of us. Maybe we would really like to be doing something different and Turtle has appeared to say that there is something better if we will take a minute to float in the waters of life and look to see what that might be. We may even find there is something bobbing along in the water next to us that can help us reach our goals even faster so we certainly don’t want to swim right past it!

Turtle medicine is for getting in touch with the heart energy and emotions as represented by the water element. All of our emotions must be honoured for even though there are days when the seas and waters of life are calm and clear, there are also moments of turbulence which act as a sort of cleansing process. The turbulence can bring elements of our emotional world to the surface from depths that we have dis-owned consciously and yet those elements are still impacting us on a daily basis whether we choose to recognize they are still there or not. By recognizing that part of the human process is to acknowledge that each of us is created from parts that we like and parts we don’t, we can begin to work with the parts we don’t like and find ways to channel them constructively.

When Turtle appears and for those who carry this medicine, it is also important that we have patience and act only when we feel the time is right for us to do so. Turtles themselves are slow moving and do have slow metabolisms. Yet because of their slow movement they are much more aware of what is going on around them! We can call upon this energy to help become more aware of our own surroundings and thus be better able to grab and act upon opportunities that we might otherwise have missed if we were hurtling along at a more frenetic pace! Faster is not always better, if one moves too quickly, attention to minor details may be passed over resulting in a loss of opportunity because one was not better prepared or one may fail to notice that an even more fulfilling door was opening. Our world has become so solar, everyone feeling the push to constantly act and do rather than sit and just be and know that from time to time, thats precisely what we need to be doing. Yet as a very wise person once said, “we are Human BE-ings, not Human Do-ings!”

Turtle can also teach us about boundaries at this time. When a Turtle feels threatened, it pulls into its shell, cautiously peering out when it senses the threat may have passed. So too at times do we all need to pull into our shells if someone comes at us too quickly or appears to need more than we can possibly give them. Taking the time to put a bit of space and distance between ourselves and the other person/situation can save us much grief in the long run! Its always okay to take as much time as one feels the need to suss things out, to watch as something develops over time before making a committment or even getting a second opinion from someone we trust if need be.

Just as one who has lived to be of great age, so too does Turtle carry an immense amount of wisdom. Turtle has watched as thousands of other species and life forms have come and gone, it knows that nothing on this planet will last forever and thus one may as well enjoy what is in the present moment for it may not be here tommorow!

Other things that may be important for you when Turtle appears :

A successful completion of one phase leads to a new cycle of opportunity opening for you.

Greater Success and Recognition for hard work and painstaking effort.

A sense of willingness to begin anew after a cycle of pain or hardship.

Feeling more connected with the flow of the Universe or having a sense of your own personal cosmic mission.

International travel or business success.

A Change of job or residence, sometimes via a promotion that leads to needing to change one’s residence.

Anything that requires patience, hard work, attention to details or is very long term is wonderful to start at this time.

An ending of some sort that you need to grieve and yet bear in mind that a new door is or shall be opening as soon as you are ready to move through it that carries the potential of being even more fulfilling that what came before. Difficult though it may be, you may already recognize that what is ending is truly for your Higher Good and the Higher Good of others at this time.

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