I have been given many gifts today!

Firstly: My mother got these for me for my birthday (July 17), but sent it this week. She kept forgetting to
get a box. Then she did not have a chance to send it. Then I told her just send it at Solstice. hehe
I cried when I opened the necklace. She always does that to me. My mother knows me as if we shared the same body. Thank you mom. I love you.

Second: Courage_mylove sent me the doll “Mother Earth” for Solstice/Yule. She is beautiful and perfect! You may recognize her as the Goddess…my icon. Thank you Kata. Love you dawlin’! *muah*

Lastly…but not least-ly: I got a Dove chocolates-DARK-from Tiarra. Thank you muchly for satiating my cravings! *love*

Peace Book DragonFly Peace Book DragonFly
This is a PeaceBook. It is a necklace.
PeaceBook Parts PeaceBook Parts
The Peacebook comes apart. Note the THREE dragonflies.
Inside Inside
This is the Inside of the PeaceBook.
Words of Peace Words of Peace
This is a list of each word of peace from throughout the world. They are ALL inside the tiny PeaceBook. There are MANY Native American words.
Mother Earth Mother Earth
This is the doll that Kata sent me for Yule. When Kata told me the dolls name, I almost fell off my chair due to the chain of events on the day I got this pacakage.

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3 Comments on Birthday Gifts for Yule and Yule Gifts for Solstice

  1. kataish says:

    pretty peace book necklace 😀
    and pretty doll *wink* hehe. I am so glad you love her!

  2. Anonymous says:

    It is Beautiful!


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