I have to get up at 5:30Am to catch a bus to the tran and then the flippin’ Orange Line*shiver*

I have to admit I am quite aprehensive about taking a mode of transport that has had at lesat 4 accidents in it’s 1st month of service. But…I have no choice.

Have to take care of some left over responsibilities from the past.

Then I get to enjoy a day with friends and a speacil something on Saturday. A very sacred spiritual something that I will write about when I get back…which could be Sunday?*crumpled face* I don’t know.

Thank goodness by son flees the castle for greener pastures each weekend.

In Case it gets missed in the comments section of my psot earlier.

The doll that Kata sent me is named “Mother Earth”.

um…if only y’all knew how serendipitous that was.

Hint: I am visiting her on Saturday for some cleansing and thanks for my blessings.

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