This morning the Shell…an inanimate object…is trying to slide over me. I am dodging it with all I’ve got.

Started the day at *looking at clock* 6:00Am with a substantive email conversation with an important friend. It was nice to be able to open up and clear some things out of that closet.

I can feel a purge poem coming on. I need to look at the thoughts in my head and poke them with a stick a bit.

I have been very public with my stuff this week, and that is a good thing. But, I have some stuff to get out that will have to be semi-private.

We are having a second December Girls Night In at my place on Sunday and my guesss is that I am going to NEED that more than I knew when we planned it. I am also going to order pizza cuz Tatyanna ain’t gonna be cookin’ THAT night. Last time I hosted I made all sorts of gourmet tasties.  In fact, I may need them to cut my pizza up in little bits and feed it to me. *joke*

We are gathering to deal with some deep stuff. One purging…one exhilerating. I am really looking forward to that.

*hopping on TOP of the Shell*

Ok…I’ll write my poem up here then. heh

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