I just went for a walk to get some sun and pick up a cream puff from Kings Hawaain. It’s near my house.

I went for the walk to have a talk with the Goddess and see what she had to say. You ever see those people walking down the street who seem to be having a conversation with themselves? Well, I was just that woman. Some of the things she said had me answering out loud, which is something I usually reserve for my private space.

She wanted me to say this:

In this world there are those of us who know our purpose. At whatever stage in life we discover it, we are blessed to have that as our guiding force in life.

We should count those blessing every day in devotions and prayers to our higher power,  staying humble in our talents and wisdom.

However, there comes a point when we have given and given and we feel compelled to give until we drop. THAT is not what she wants.

We need to learn to truly surrender. That includes trusting that what she brings to us is well earned and part of our path.

If your higher power has a gift to give YOU, for all your devotion and love you give to people in this world, learn to say ‘thank you’ and accept the gift fully and enjoy it fully.

Oh…and she just told me that some of the gifts are going to be too big to fit through the door, so you may have to deal with those when they come.

And with that…there  was just a significant Earthquake. *phew*





These gifts are your’s to keep.

EDIT: She was not talking TO me, she was talking THROUGH me. just FYI

4 Comments on My talk with the Goddess: On Accepting Gifts

  1. ravyne_hawke says:

    Hurrah for the power of the Goddess!

  2. arian_diana says:

    I don’t hear the Goddess enough. I need to take more time out for Her.

  3. msj2005 says:

    Okay. That was mindblowing….. *Grin*

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