Ok. I working on figuring out this funky mood I am in today.

*checking temperature*

Seems I am outstandingly happy.

With a touch of beside myself.

Did some sharing/honesty stuff this morning…maybe I’m feeling fear around that? That felt right at the time…still does.

I know I have a couple of outstanding issues to deal with today. (read: emails to respond to and figure out what I feel about) I’m having a hard time processing that stuff. I have ignored processing it really. I think it is because I don’t want to email back…I want to talk to THEM. If they read this…they can call me. I’ll be here ALL DAY. I’d call, but I can’t afford the long distance call.

But this feeling of suffocating is really getting to me. I feel like someone may be blocking me or obesessing….somone envious or angry at my hapiness.

I am going to go right now and do a reflection and attempt to stop that. How F’d up would it be that some selfish bastard decides to try to block me from feeling fabulous?

I have words for that person…but this is a public post and my little brother could see it. bwahahahaha

And I knwo what you are thinking…maybe Tatyanna is feeling fear of some sort…and that is what the suffocating is about? NOPE! This is NOT how fear manifests in me. Trust me…I know.

Ok. It’s 10Am on a Monday and I am alreday thinking too hard. I am going to do that reflection work, but I think I need to lay down aminute. I’m feeling sorta light headed.

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