The plan for today is to have breakfast with my roomate. I owe her so much and I need to catch up with her. We live in the same house and we only get to sit and talk and laugh together once a week usually.

We were thinking King Hawaiin, but I’m going to offer up the options of a couple places at the beach.

ONce breakfast is accomplished I will sit down for a few hours and create some things for the FOCUS fundraiser.

I will make business cards, postcard taht tug at the heart strings and make people bid higher on teh Auction items, a donor list and an Auction Booklet with a pretty glossy colver. hehe

Hey, when I see a gap that I can fill, I jump in it.

I’m skinny though so sometimes I fall through the gap! hehe

Regarding the fundraiser: it tomorrow from 3PM until 8PM and I am excited, anxious, and humbled by the blessing that involvement in FOCUS has become. I am also looking forward to seeing MIA friends I have invited who BETTER SHOW UP…I miss you.

I picked out my cute but not cuter than “T’s” oufit last night. YAY! This is going to be a blast and I am very optimistic about FOCUS raising what they need this time!

NEXT is the Vagina Monologues!

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