It was suppsoed to be a simple website fix. I found the original page which had been deleted. I redid the page is design mode. EASY! I posted it. It was basicallly…F%&^* Up!


I went back to the Design Editor and it was not available.

I actually had to go in and edit html raw*shiver*

This is the thing…I get html. I understand the “language”, but I am not good at grammer. Get it?

I fixed the html. Deleted full sentences. Pressed save. It F%&^*()^ reverted back to the original. WTF?

I did this for two hours. I tried many different ways to do it. I pasted it to notebook and edited off the site. I restarted and refreshed the site…blah blah

I gave  up and felt as if I was going to pass out from the hunger in my tummy. I changed teh permissions the the messy F&*( up page would not be visisble to the “world”…and guess what?

The flippin’ program (online) changed the permission back and made the horrible ugly page visible.

Finally about 10 minutes ago the HTML editor came back and I made the page all pretty and pleasant to look at.

oh…and THEN I noticed I forgot to add teh time of the fundraiser………..bah!


I’m pooped.

THIS is why I do not do computer programming/web design for a living and only do minor stuff as a volunteer.

My head hurts big time!


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