You know the rss feed PostSecret? Not the LJ Journal.

Well, this morning the guy(Frank Warren) was on the Today Show. The Postsecret book is out. Just in  time for the holidays. *L*

Anyway, Matt lauer was all wierded out by the concept. Me thinks he doth protest too much. hmm?

Did you know the song “Dirty Little Secrets” was based on Postsecret?

He was on with a Psychologist. She talked about how releasing secrets, in many forms, helps work through difficult issues. Like JOURNALING.

They talked about how strangers reading, and empathizing with the secrets, makes the writer feels less alone.

I think LJ does that for some of us…eh?

very cathartic for me indeed…

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  1. kataish says:

    damn i want that book so much! he’s a nice guy too i emailed him about when it was supposed to come outa few months ago and he was very kind.

  2. arian_diana says:

    The book sounds very interesting. And I agree that journaling is a form of therapy. A lot of people think it’s just cries for attention and I do think some use it for that. But for me personally, it’s good to release things via the written word. And knowing that other people have gone through the same thing if not worse helps immensely.

  3. As I suggested to my friend AHS…journaling, even just for you to read it, is very helpful in getting all that mental poison and confusion out of your system. I know it helps me. Helps keep me from bottling anything up to the point where I lash out at anyone who looks at me wrong. *lol*

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