I just don’t know where to start…so much has happened this weekend. I am going to start posting little bits. What an amzing weekend and what an amazing path I am on.

I am overwhelmed with feeling of contentment.

I have writers block because I have so much to get out.


3 Comments on Why I don’t blog when I have so much to blog about

  1. Write what you feel like. Sometimes, it comes in several entries, sometimes all at once.

    I’ve gotten to the point that to avoid losing ideas or screwing up formating (and spelling), I type into an “LJ” document in word, then cut and paste it. This also allows be to seamlessly post to several communities in LJ.

  2. More like writers constipation. *lol* The little bits will help. And mental prune juice. *hugs* Glad to hear you had a good holiday. *smiling*

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