D arrived on Friday morning. We ate at King’s Hawaiin. I had never been there. They have eggs and fried spam on the menu. The food we DID have was very tasty. D fell in love with the restaurant.

We raided the grocery store. It was practically empty. We got a 20 lb. turkey since all the smaller ones were frozen.

Once home we prepared the turkey and relaxed for the 3.5 hrs. it was going to take to cook. It ended up taking over 4 hrs. but we had a nice relaxing afternoon.

About 1 hr. before dinner, my son asked if his two buddies could stay to eat. Sooooooooo…it ended up being 5 of us for dinner. We laughed, we told stories. The boys had fun. J’s friend J told us that this was his favorite Thanksgiving. He had 3 other family Thankgivings. That was cool!

D and I had enough wine that I had a laughing fit and we ate pie and slept like babies.

Saturday we did some errands and had In-and_out. It was fantastic!

D made Tacos…real Mexican Tacos cuz she’s a beautiful Mexican goddess and she can do that…and my tummy was very happy. Fresh homemade Salsa too!

L came over to visit and chit chat with us. We had a blast!

At one point ij the night I heard the words “Santa Claus” over a loud speaker. It was teh Torrance Police Association announcing that Santa was coming down my street soon. D & L were excited to try a new experience and we all went out to great Santa. It was funny. I got a candy cane and we sang X-mas songs with the kids.

I don’t really celebrate X-mas…I celebrate Winter Solstice/Yule…so that made it even more hilarious for me.

That night I got a call from a good friend whose project I am volunteering for(#3) and well…

That will be a friend’s only post later. There will be a few of those.

There are a lot ofn things that D and I talked about that I need to document…so that will be included as well.

D and I stayed up late and finished another bottle of wine. I slept very well, except taht my roomates cat was wanting love and woke me up every hour to play. :~}

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  1. kataish says:

    It sounds like you had a fabulous time!

  2. Sounds like a good time was had by all! Woot!

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