Lips like sugar…sugar kisses…lips like sugar …sugar kisses

*still dancing*

She knows what she knows…I know what she’s thinking….sugar kisses…sugar kisses…

Crap…I am switching to Motzart and Chopin before I spontaneously combust!

How apropo: Chopin Fantaisie Impromtu

Hi everyone.

I am on a bit of a life high right now. If you are offended my joyful abandon…stop reading noW!*hehe*

Wednesday Night I was getting messages that D(female D) was going to call and say she was not coming for T-day. She contacted me and said just that. But…it was just that she needed some breathing space between a really crazy work week and our weekend of debauchery.

So what did I do on Thursday Nov. 24, 2005?

I spent some time sending thankful emails to some amazing people I have met this year. If you are offended that you did not get one, I have some criteria….1) there was a date cut off. I hdd to have met you before Thanksgiving week. 2) I had to know you well enough to know why I am thankful for you. 3) I had to rememeber your email addy. 4) If I met you this year and you would appreciate an email like that…you are here reading my blog. *grin*

Bach Flute Concerto

I had a sudden overwheliming feeling of loneliness. Not sure where it came from..then I read a post that courage_mylove posted and the flood gates opened. I cried for 10 minutes solid. I guess i needed to get some stuff out. Then I realzed it was PMS. BAH!

*on phone with my mother*

Moonlight Sonata

Ravel Bolero

My son came back from his friend’s house at about 3PM and he cut the apples for the largest apple pie I have ever made. 18 apples:one pie

Part Two: Friday and Saturday next

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2 Comments on Life’s toss and turn Part 1: Public

  1. kataish says:

    *hug hug hug* I am very thankful to have met you. I’ve told you that already though hehe.

    A cry is good once in a while *mwah*

  2. Mmm….apple pie. I don’t know how many apples my brother put in his, but it was a SOLID pie. *lol*

    Weekends of debauchery…I miss those. *lmao*

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