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  1. brigadoon:
    ahhhh Brigadoon. This is one of my top ten favorite movies of all time. It’s a simple story…not too comlicated. Gene Kelly is dreamy. The music is fun. The story is romantic. This movies footprint was planted firmly in my psyche as a kid. I own it! I love it! and I make fog jokes constantly. *L*
  2. culture:
    This is about my multi-ethinic/cultural background and the parts of my political beliefe system that are informed by my background. I have a fascination with the fact that there is a growing majority that has to choose “other” on the census. I did an honors project in college where I craeted a one page census form with 65 ethnicities/nationalities. It really opened some eyes. I could talk on this subject for days.
  3. england:
    I was privelaged to travel to England twice as a teen. the first time was with my father and my sister when I was 16. That trip was two weeks. I was able to go back when I was 18. I went for 30 days. It was amzing and I grew as a person on that trip. That trip began to shape who I am today. If you ask me about it, I’ll tell you. :~}
  4. hiking:
    I love to hike. I love hiking where I can be on top of a tall hill and see the ocean. I love hiking to waterfalls. I love hiking next to streams where you can hear water trickle as you hike. I love hiking Catlaina Island(did the hole thing once-27 miles). I have not hiked much lately. :~{
  5. kill bill ii:
    It’s a sequel to Kill Bill II. DUH! heh
  6. museums:
    Love musuems. I have not been to enough in LA.
  7. paso robles:


    Rolling green hills!

    Hearst Castle!

    ‘nuf said

  8. roller skating:
    I like roller skates…not roller blades. *meh*
  9. shakespeare:
    *reaching for “The Riverside Shakespeare*

    *opening to a random page*

    Much Ado About Nothing

    *spotting a random passage*

    Hero: No, not to be so odd, as from all fashions,
    As Beatrice is, cannot be commendable,
    But who dare tell her so? If I should speak,
    She would mock me into air; O, she would laugh me
    Out of myself, press me to death with wit.
    Therfore let Benedick, like cover’d fire,
    Consume away in sighs, waste inwardly.
    It were a better death than die with mocks.
    Which is as bas as die with tickling.

    *tickled* ahh…the Bard. It makes me content. It makes me giggle. It makes me cry. He speaks to me.

    This passage, randomly found, is suits my state of mind. Kind of like when you open a spiritual book for a random affirmation.

  10. stuffed animals:
    I collect stuffed animals with great deep dark eyes. I have a deffinate preference for all things simian, although I have many others…zebra named Guiseppe(yes, I name ALL of them), a Swan named Priscilla(I don’t have Elvis) from a hotel in LV, a hand made teddy bear with movable arms and legs(my mom gave it to me for my 17th b-day)…I’ll post a pic of them tomorrow…promise. ALL of them.

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