Singing in the shower? Guilty! I used to bring my radio in the bathroom until they started to corode from the steam. i need one of those shower radios.
Left the stove on? Guilty! er…it was an electric stove.
Ate stale food? Guilty! only stale Lucky Charms marshmallows
Spit in someone’s drink? Innocent – blech!
Stole Something from a friend? Guilty! I took my friend’s mom’s lipstick when I was 11.
Bossed your friends around?Guilty? I am a leader…I tend to take charge. It may sometimes come across as bossy.
Played with Barbies? Guilty! Well my mom would not buy them…but my neighbor girl had some.
Sang the wrong lyrics to your fav. song? Guilty! Don’t we all? Like when you suddenly forget the chorus and go…yah vvvvshoovin’  yah balimny yah…
Made a Sex tape? Guilty! ‘nuf said
Kissed your posters of your favorite stars? Guilty! Shaun Cassidy. I also wore that t-shirt 5 days a week.

Listened to stupid music and said you like it? Innocent -no sir e bob.
Had sex with a stranger? um…my son might read this. Innocent…innocent
Did a Wrestling move on someone? Guilty! My sister and I used to get our aggression towards eachother out by wrestling. no blood was drawn.
Had a Lite Brite toy?Innocent- I played with it at a friend’s house. My mom really did buy me toys…REALLY!
Threw a surprise party for someone or yourself? Guilty! Many Many Many times. I love pulling off a good surprise! YAY!
Made someone cry? Guilty! yah. it was sad news.
Opened your Christmas presents early? Guilty! haha. I snuck into the closet and peaked at all my pressies when I was 12. I was pretty good at opening the wrapping paper and replacing it unscathed!
Gave money to a homeless person? Guilty! But, i stopped many years ago when I lived in NYC. I now give them water or buy them some food.
Sang cheesy 80’s songs? Guilty! what was that 80’s song about cheese again?
Dug for buried treasure? Innocent….*bwahahahahaha* I slay me! hey! A stuffy nose isn’t gonna clear itself out!
Thought Star Wars was cool? Guilty! Star Wars was cool, is cool, will always be cool. AYYYYYYYY!
Had a super-hero costume? Innocent- I WISH.
Still sleep with your baby blanket? Innocent. Someone stole it in kindergarten. :~{
Told a family member to back off? Innocent- wish I could have.
Lied to protect a friend? Guilty! Yep! I told him she was not living in my house, so he would not try to kill her. Too bad she told him. She is ok..but still.
Broke a bone? Guitly! It was my middle finger. Maybe it was a sprain? *shrug* I was 5.
Seen “The Goonies” more than 10 times? Guilty! I can sing the songs and quote the lines. Sean Astin was such a cutie!
Played a Video game for more than 5 hours? Guilty! I beat Mario Bros that way. WOOHOO!
Watched “Scream” and actually Screamed? Guilty! eek!
Dyed your hair a color from the rainbow? Innocent.
Hugged your mom in the past 24 hours? Innocent – my mommy lives 3000 miles away. :~{
Drank until you passed out? Guilty! ask me sometime, I’ll tell you what I rememeber.
Thought about Rob for more than an hour? Um….yes. for many more hours then that, at one point in my life. But…I am just guessing you didn’t mean the Rob I mean.


3 Comments on Innocent or Guilty

  1. ravyne_hawke says:

    LOL, I adored David Cassidy (loved him on the Partridge Family!) and my sister mooned over Sean Cassidy (when he was on the Hardy Boys) how weird, huh? And here I am 2 years younger than her!

    • B.E.M. says:

      My mom had to pry that shirt off my back. not just cuz it was crusty either!

      I’m almost 2 years older than my sis.

      Hardy boys was my favorite show. *sigh*

      Now I have a Partridge Family song stuck in my head!

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