Actually my point is that I am…I really am.

Words of wisdom from MistyEve(astrologer) on listening to the messages we receive:

A word to the Wise message for this Misty 
Do you recognize the answers you receive from your 
Spirit Teacher/Guide to the questions in your mind?

Many times we miss the answers that come to the 
questions in our minds because we're not paying attention, or maybe we think 
it's odd that we keep hearing things about what we're thinking about… 
but miss the fact that these are `answers' given to us by the Universe, 
or the God/dess, or the Creator... however you choose to think of the 

If we can see that our thoughts are "seen" by the 
spirit-beings and are answered, then perhaps we'll pay more attention to 
what we're thinking / envisioning / picturing in our thoughts.

One way to help yourself become aware of the answers 
from the Creator is to go on a Vision Quest.

On the Ladder of Life, we are the highest creatures in 
the Terrestrial World, but we're only babies when it comes to 
"talking" with our elder brothers and sisters in the Spirit World or Celestial 
World... we're still learning to converse on their level.

What language does God speak?

We know from our own visions and inspirations that the 
Spirit World speaks to us in pictures, rather than with words.  We 
are learning to return that conversation by calling to them, and then 
speaking in the pictures we deliberately make in our minds.  If you 
want answers, this is what you have to do to get them. 

How good are you with this level of conversation?  Are 
you aware of the manifestation of the answers to your questions?

It's worth thinking about...
~ Misty-Eve*

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