Spurred off by the days events:

I say this a lot, but I have to express my gratitude daily or one day I will take things for granted. I have some of the most honest, powerful, spiritual and loving women in my life…ok, some men too*smile*…but lately I have bonded with and met so many amazing people.

Some would think that a person in my job situation who is a single mom and in a difficult place financially would be depressed. In fact, people try to tell me I am. But I’m not.

I am very happy. Very grateful. Very centered. Very blessed.

now…if I could just get some sleep at night. I have only slept on nights I have gone dancing or had wine with friends. My mind is fixated on one or two things. It’s not worry…it’s desire. Of multiple types…not just one…although that exists. *sigh*

But….I’m grateful for desire as well. *LOL*

I am an eternal pathalogical optimist!  hah!

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    I read this post last night and didn’t comment. Then I ended up dreaming about you. lol I can’t remember what it was all about now, just us talking. You should feel honored. Usually people have to be my LJ friends much longer before I dream of them. 😉

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