Dear MoveOn member,

Top Republicans in the House of Representatives are now vowing to vote on their reverse Robin Hood budget proposal within 48 hours. Your work has helped erode their support, and the vote is too close to call.

That’s why today we’re launching our “Face America” photo petition—calling on Congress to literally look us in the eye and do the right thing.

We’re aiming to collect thousands of photos of ordinary Americans with homemade signs, asking Congress to oppose the Republican plan to cut services for poor while handing tax breaks to the rich. To make sure you’re heard, we’ll deliver every photo to every member of Congress before the final vote and run some as online ads in the newspapers Congress reads.

To join the photo petition, just attach your photo (or photos) to an email, and send it to:

You can see photos from other members by going to:

Joining the “Face America” photo petition is easy. Just write a simple message on whatever is handy, grab a digital camera, point and shoot.

Aim for short, easy to read messages like:

  • Stop the reverse Robin Hood budget!
  • Hands off Medicaid, food stamps and student loans!
  • No empty plates this Thanksgiving!
  • Don’t rob the poor to give to the rich!

Be creative!

If you’ve benefited from any of these programs, make your message personal, like Don’t cut my student loans! or Hands off my health care!

Feel free to get the whole family in the picture—the more of us there are, the more powerful our message will be.

To add your picture to the petition, just email it to:

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