If you walk around with your eyes closed, you are bound to bump into random things. Some good, some bad.

Some things may even serve to open your eyes.

If you are walking around with your eyes wide open, imagine the possibilities for finding all the good things.

I am very grateful for bumping into a good thing. Several actually. :~}

Quoted from FusciaStars astrological website:

Every day of our lives we are surrounded by messages and signs.  You may not be consciously aware of it yet these signs and messages appear in your dreams, while you are walking down the street and within each person you meet or place that you visit.  There are echoes of messages that whisper to your unconscious mind to bring an awareness to your consciousness.
In the past, the ancients knew to pay attention to and interpret omens, animal totems and symbols.  In our modern day, we have lost touch with the wonderful gifts these messages bring to our awareness; if we pay attention to them.  Everyone we meet or who enters our life, crosses our path, does so for a reason.  They enter our lives to either mirror our beliefs about ourselves or what we do not like about ourselves we might find in them.  Perhaps they it is really only our fears of the same being mirrored back to us.

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