Today I need to get some technical reading/research done. I will NOT be using the internet.If I use the net I get distracted by some link to a miniscule detail and get fascinated by it, then I get off track.

I have to get some more information about California’s small business laws.

I also need to get some info on fiscal sponsorship for a friend. She is starting a project to create an interpretive center for a local hot springs(almost totally destroyed by people) that she does volunteer work in. She is reaserching a book that will help fund teh center. She has been asked for a proposal for fiscal sponshorship and she couldn’t know LESS about what to do. I’m here grants “expert”. *anxiety*

anyway…so this is my plan

1. Get dressed all warm and cozy because it’s gloomy and it’s also going to rain again today.

2. Head over to the main library, which is 1 mile away, and do soem reading, I may or may not check out any books.

3. Go to the YMCA(it’s a state of the art YMCA) and get the tour. Find out about financial aide for membership. I am skinny, yes. but…way out of shape.

4. Get a donut since the donut shop is near the YMCA.

5. Get ready for my friend to stop by and discuss her proposal/plan/etc/etc.

ok. Now I feel accountability to actually do what I said I would.


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  1. It is so easy to wonder on the net from you objective.

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