Ok. Well, some may not think this is cool, but it shows me he is growing up fairly well rounded…or just that he is growing up.

My son is always downloading music on my computer. Mostly punk, rap and such. Gorillaz, Eminem, the Addicts…but I love it when he gets jazzed about other music.

He has actually been into Johnny Cash ever since he heard/saw the HURT video on MTV a year ago and it made him cry.

He came to me last night, after seeing the preview for the new Johnny Cash movie, and asked if he could download some Johnny Cash. His buddy called and he was telling him: “Dude, Johnny Cash is hard core. He’s bad ass fool.”


I’m proud that my son’s musical tastes are so varied. He’s opened my ears to some good stuff too.

that’s my boy *twang*

oh…and JC just happens to be my sons initials as well :~p


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  1. arian_diana says:

    I think it’s great when kids are so diversified in their music. It shows a broad mind in my opinion.

  2. kataish says:

    That’s awesome. I want to see that movie so bad.
    They played HURT on the radio today and it almost makes me cry every time I hear it.

  3. neat_rox says:

    I love Nine Inch Nails and did waaaaay back in the 80’s! I’ll need to look for the song.

    Anyway, besides the point.

    My son also is well-rounded with respect to music, but refuses to listen to ganster rap or hip-hop which is fine by me of course. But at only 9 years old and not at that peer-pressure middle school age yet, I have more influence in his music tastes so far. But he loves oldies like the Kingston Trio, the Ramones, the Beatles, and Crosby Stills Nash & Young. Plus he loves all of the wacky 80’s tunes out there. He skipped the 70’s and 90’s and is currently into “EuroDance”. It is fun to explore music with him as well.

    So great for JC!!!

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