Ok. That was just a frustrating as the last TWO times I voted.

So, some of you know that we moved to our current house in June. In Sept. I did all the voter registration hoopla at the DMV.

I just went to vote. My name was NOT ON THE LIST. This is the 3rd election in which I have had to do a provisional ballot.

There is absolutely NO reason why this should be happening. It was Sept. 15th gosh darn it!

So, the chick in the polling place gets a frustrated woman, dressed in all black(1st clothes I found when I reached in the closet), wearing a pentacle, and not wearing gel on my curly locks…which makes them all crAAAAzay. hehe

She must have thought I was a raving lunatic.

Oh well. I did what i had to. The things I actually voted on/for are not going to pass in my estimation….so….*fingers crossed*


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