Do you lie about your age?

Will you lie about your age in a few years?

How does being 40 soon make you feel?

I will never lie about my age. Not even by a couple of years.
I feel young. I look younger than I am most days. Why does age matter? sheesh…

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  1. arian_diana says:

    I’ll be 35 in January. Want my opinion or am I too young?

    • B.E.M. says:

      Deffinately want your opinion. please :~}

      • arian_diana says:

        I don’t lie about my age and I doubt I ever do. Usually I make myself a year older and have to stop and think. I’m told I look young. I’m not so sure, but I don’t gripe about it. 🙂
        My mom totally flipped out when she turned 30. I mean she went way overboard, and I was 9 at the time. I got to watch her for a couple of years and she never got better, and I thought it was the dumbest thing to freak out over a number. It left an impression on me, so that may be why I feel this way.
        Thinking about being 40 doesn’t really bother me. I was uncomfortable at 30 and thought that was just stupid and got over it right away. I’m guessing that it might be the same at 40.

        • B.E.M. says:

          It’s great that you were able to see her reaction and do the opposite. Some have not been able to.

          • arian_diana says:

            I think it’s a good thing too. At least I took it this way and didn’t think her reaction was required.
            However, I have very little patience with women who do whine and moan about their age, and I know it stems from my mother.

          • B.E.M. says:

            It’s one of my pet peaves. A friend of mine is so erked by it that one day, someone we know was skirting the issue of her age and my friend sau, “Fuck! I’m 41, you can’t be older than me. How the heck old are you, sheesh?” She told us the truth. she is only about one year older than me.

            and….the sky did not part and swallow her whole either. *heh*

          • arian_diana says:

            I like being older. You couldn’t pay me enough money to relive my life or go back to my twenties. If I had to, I’d make different choices, but I don’t pine away for those days at all. I was thrilled to graduate high school.

  2. ravyne_hawke says:

    I turn 40 next June and I don’t lie about my age at all, doubt I ever will. People are always telling me that I look like I am in my late 20s, so as long as I they don’t catch up to my real age, why should I like? 😉 heh

    • B.E.M. says:

      You shouldn’t! In fact, you should tel tell tell since it’s something to be proud of. :~}

      I know someone who has said they are two years younger then they are for years I just don’t get it.

      I also don’t get it when people try to keep their age a secret.

      But, maybe someone will enlighten me. *doubt it*

      I have never lied about my age and younger men seem to dig me. NOT A PROBLEM for me. only think that erks me is when my son and his buddies call us old. But, I remember doing that.

      • Vejez

        I don’t lie about my age to people who have a reason to know – this includeds friends and acquaintances. I tend to put the wrong age (higher and lower) on websites as I don’t know their security practices and I don’t trust they won’t sell my info. That way, when a stranger online pops up and says she remembered my birthday and that we kwew each other long ago, I know she’s lying and is most likely a con artist.

        I think age is mostly irrelevant once you turn 18 and have mostly full rights. There are two other ‘cusps’ that are meaninful in the USA – 21, when you get full legal rights, and 25, when you can rent a car without penalties. Other than that, is it really that important that you are 37 instead of 38? Even the marketing folks don’t care – you are in the 35-40 category or somesuch.

        As for being called old (or Mr or Sir), I think we’ve earned it and should enjoy it. There is too much media based belief in this culture that only the young matter. Don’t you remember being young and wanting to be old so you could stay up as late as you wanted, eat whatever, and buy whatever? Well now we can! Enjoy it!

  3. neat_rox says:

    I turned 38 last August and am okay with it. I don’t dare lie about my age here in and around town since my boys just tell everyone when they ask me such as at Sam’s Club the other day when I was buying wine. The checker asked my son, “Do I need to card your mom or is she old enough to buy the wine?” My son said, “My mom is 38!”

    I definitely don’t feel 38 and I hope I don’t look it, but that horrible crease line in between my eyebrows really bothers me and I do notice that I would never pass for being in my twenties any longer. But does that really bother me? Not so much.

    I did go through a “Third Life Crisis” a while back and did really have some trouble with where I am in my life as well as how I got here and the choices I made getting here. Therapy (and good medication) helped, but there are times I wish I could still go to a club and go dancing and not look like a complete idiot.

    My husband is 37, but he’s much older than me if you know what I mean. My kids keep me feeling young and feeling old at the same time. My knee blowing out on me while playing tennis with my 9-year-old made me feel old as well. But at least I know what “Dragostea Din Tei” is while most moms and dads haven’t got a clue!

    So that is how I feel, being 2 years from 40. I got a tattoo on my ankle at 30 and am already thinking of what I can add to it when 40.

    • B.E.M. says:

      I ahve the crease between my eyebrows as well. My ex used to try to smooth it out. It only bothered me then. none of the younger men I have met in the last 6 mos. seem to be bothered by it! hehe ;~}

      I can pass for my 20’s on a good day. But, some days I look in the mirror and wonder who that older chick is…

      I got my tattoo at 25. I am waaaaaaaaaaay overdue for another

      • neat_rox says:

        Yes, nobody seems to notice (or comment) on my forehead crease. *go girl with those younger men!*

        I don’t know what I’d pass for….maybe I’ll send you a pic! :-))) I think early to mid 30’s though. At church one day, this handsome young man came up to me and said, “You remind me of somebody.” And I couldn’t help but grin flirtatiously (yes, I’m married, but he was soooo cute) and made some comment like, “Oh, really?” He said, “You look like my ex-girlfriends mother.” *GULP* First time I ever heard that said to me. I wanted to comment and say, “I hope her mother was HOT!” but didn’t.

        If we lived in the same region, we could go and get another tattoo together!

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