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Taty A to Z

A – Age – 37
B – Better half – interested in someone
C – Chore you hate – dishes
D – Daring stunt – saying exactly what is on my mind. I’m no daredevil
E – Essential make up item – mascara. It makes my eyes happy
F – Favorite actor – at the moment? Clive Owens. he’s dreamy
G- Gold or silver – Silver
H- Hometown(where you were born) – Springfield, MA
I- Instruments you play – none. I bang on drums sometimes
J – Job title – youth guru
K – Kraft Diner or Home made – I buy the boxed stuff for my son. Homemade=tatsy if I’m in the mood
L – Least favorite sport to play – Every flippin’ one of them
M – Mom’s name- Eileen
N – Number of times you’ve been out of the country? 12
O- Overnight hospital stays – 3: Tonsilitis, having a baby, and…
P – Phobia(s) – Raging fire, beetles
Q – Quote you like – too many to chose
R – Real name – Tatyanna Marie akak Tanya
S – Siblings- One sister, 2 half brothers, three step brothers, one brother who has passed on
T – Time you woke up this morning- 5:57
U – Unique habit – taking pictures of tiny bits of things
V – Vegetable you refuse to eat? lima beans and beef liver
W – Who do you love – my son, my mom and my wonderful soul sisters
X – X-rays you’ve had –  a few. middle finger and tummy
Z – Zodiac Sign – Cancer w/ Aries rising

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  1. neat_rox says:

    This is really funny. Is it okay if I do mine and post it? Crediting you and , of course?

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