A. My friend Dev is fabulous. have I already said that?

B. She has inspired me to look into starting a business. Women’s Empowerrment Retreats/workshops. She and I have also toyed with doing them together. THAT, my friends, would shake trees  and move the earth.

C. For the last 3 mos., 3 friends and I, all women, have been getting together to nourish our souls and let it all hang out. Tonight is Girls Night In at my place. I am making stuffed mushroom caps and phyllo nest with berries and cream. I love cooking for people! I also really like playing hostess. Wierd for someone who LOVES being alone.

D. I’ve met some pretty amazing women on LJ. You guys…ladies are very special people. You know who you are. ;~p

Love and Peace….

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  1. arian_diana says:

    I need some girl friends to hang out with. Hell, even guy friends would be welcome at this point. Have fun!

  2. ravyne_hawke says:

    Yay for Girls Night In, for playing hostess and cook, for empowering women! You are awesome Taty!

  3. kataish says:

    That is an amazing idea. I just wish I lived closer to be able to attend your retreats! hehe.

    I want a girls night in with you, , and “lj user=”ravyne_hawke”>

    That would be fun.

    • B.E.M. says:

      Who knows, maybe we’ll do them in Niagara one day. ;}

      Girls Night with you three would be awesome! I was thinking that too. :~}

      Come visit Cali. I’ve got plenty of room!

      • kataish says:

        If I can ever afford it I will take you up on that :p

        Niagara Falls would RULE with you girls! We could get a suite or something (all pitch in) and have fun at bars and go through haunted houses. haha.

        of course we would all need money first hahaha.

        • B.E.M. says:

          Seriously, maybe we can plan something for the Spring. I have friends in Toronto that I’d love to see. Plus, a good friend knows the GM of the Sheraton Falls View. I could probably get us a room really cheap.

          Let’s keep it in the back of our minds.

  4. neat_rox says:

    Girls Nights are so necessary to replenish the soul. Once a month, 12 ladies I know all get together to play the stupidest dice game in the world called Bunco. As my husband says, it is just a reason to get out of the house and bitch. Well, it is that, but much more. The hostess provides dinner, dessert, wine/drinks, and we all have a great time. Some of the ladies are really good friends, others are just great ladies. Sometimes we don’t even play the game; we just sit around and talk and laugh.

    So if you don’t have such an outlet–get one!!!

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