The concert was great. 3 punk bands and Horrorpops. They are more rockabilly then straight punk. I like it a lot. I especially liked a SKA song they played. No idea of the name???

We had a lot of fun. danced around with all the other crazy people. There was a pit, but not much moshing. Mostly running in circles. twas interesting…

The venue is a cool place. They don’t serve alcholol. They had cookies though. :~p

Horrorpops has a new and unlikely fan! YAY!

The whole costume The whole costume
Dark Pic of Horrorpops Dark Pic of Horrorpops
Pics all came out dark as expected. Not many lights in a halloween, punk show.
Scary Halloween Theme Scary Halloween Theme
hah! This was good. Total darkness, theme from Halloween, Horrorpops entrance.

This is not my clip. It’s from their website. But this is what it was like at the concert, but picture them all wearing black & white skeleton dresses.

Ghouls Video


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  1. kataish says:

    I’m at work and can’t check out the videos, but I LOVE the costume. Also the pic of the horrorpops… the blonde dancer on the right is Kamilla Vanilla hehe. I love her, I have her added on myspace. haha.

  2. arian_diana says:

    I love the costume. Your eyes really are startling. I can’t get over it.

    • B.E.M. says:


      why thank you. I have found that they are my secret weapon in the romance department.

      I’ll donate them to science when I die and maybe they can be yours a la Minority Report. :p

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