1. Set TV to auto-tune to every scary movie I can find. (currently watching “American Werewolf in London-great flick)

2. Drink more coffee

3. Paint fingernails dark purple

4. Let courage_mylove know that WE GOT THE TIX. yay!

5. Hide the pumpkins before I go out tonight so they don’t get smashed. I want to make pie. PIE!

6. Attempt to finalize a site for the WYSE luncheon because the venues are on hold and won’t wait forever.

7. Post (to Wyse Forums) all the grants resources I found for local grants trainings for FREE. Plus, all the other stuff so they can be well informed about the latest in mentorship and reproductive health. blah blah

8. Take tons of pictures tonight. ooo…bring extra camera batteries. *remember*

9. But eye of newt.

10.Boil and  Bubble up some Toil and Trouble.


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