I found a blessing that is pretty nice. I did edit out a couple of words to my liking. The origin is anonymous.

This is me rededicating myself to my connection/ ourconnection with the earth.

I grieve the loss of lives in the Gulf States.  This blessing is for rebirth.

Earth-maker, Pain-bearer, Life-giver,
Source of All That Is and that Shall Be,
Father and Mother of us all,
God and Goddess in whose arms is Peace.
The hallowing of your Names echoes through the Universe!

Sunrise and Sunset,
Night and Day,
Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall,
We give you Thanks for such Gifts.

Mountain and Valley,
Grassland and Desert,
Glacier, Avalanche, Mist and Snow,
We ask your Blessings for the Land.

Rabbit and Cattle,
Moth and Dog,
Panther, Salmon, Raven and Hawk,
We seek your Blessings for these Creatures.

Seers and Priestesses,
Witches and Priests,
Artists, Writers, Parents and Teachers,
We ask your Blessings for Those who Give to Others.

With the Bread we need for today, Feed us.
In the Hurts we absorb from one another, Heal us.
In the times of Fear, Strengthen us.
In the arms of the God and Goodess, we dwell Unafraid.
We Bless the Earth-maker, the Pain-bearer, the Life-Giver.

Blessed Be


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